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Let the ticker tape roll!

A fun way to view your weather data.

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Smooth Scrolling
Ticker emulates a traditional news ticker, showing your weather properties in large, bright text as the values scroll from right to left.

Customize To Your Liking
Ticker lets you choose the weather properties you want to appear in the ticker window.

You can select or deselect every property at once, or just select the ones that you want.
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Another Fine Plug-In by John Schultz
He's an avid outdoorsman, weather weather aficionado, and prolific developer. John Schultz has authored numerous WeatherSnoop plug-ins.

When John is not busy coding in Objective-C, he's hunting, fishing, camping in his RV, and exploring the great outdoors.

Say hi to John and thank him for his contributions. He would love to hear from you.