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Take a bite out of backups!

Shark provides automatic and on-demand backups
of your weather station archived data

Peace of Mind
With Shark, you no longer have to worry about your archived data becoming corrupted through an inadvertent shutdown.

Just set automatic backups for the top of the hour or the beginning of the day.
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On Demand, Too
At any point you can create a backup of your archived weather data. Just click and a backup is created instantly. WeatherSnoop doesn't even have to stop for a breather!
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Restore Easily
If your data store becomes corrupt, simply use the restore feature to bring your WeatherSnoop Site Document back to sanity.
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Another Fine Plug-In by John Schultz
He's an avid outdoorsman, weather aficionado, and prolific developer. John Schultz has authored numerous WeatherSnoop plug-ins.

When John is not busy coding in Objective-C, he's hunting, fishing, camping in his RV, and exploring the great outdoors.

Say hi to John and thank him for his contributions. He would love to hear from you.